What is Relyfe Programming?

Relyfe (pronounced “Relief”) Programming is a type of deep core hypnosis which is designed to make fundamental changes to the way a person thinks, reacts and/or the way his or her body responds to words, situations and other stimuli.
Originally intended to provide lasting relief to psychological and physical pain and suffering, Relyfe Programs have been use to address bulimia and overeating disorders, PTSD, self-mutilation, fibromylalgia pain, chronic depression, ADHD, erectile dysfunction (ED), previously uncontrollable rage, sexual dysfunction (including an inability to orgasm in women and girls ranging from 18 to 75), agoraphobia, and social phobias.

Any problem related to a physiological response, such as arousal, fear, distraction, blood flow, pain or compulsion can be addressed and potentially be resolved using Relyfe techniques.

When first working out the process, Relyfe was meant to act as First Aid for psychological pain, stopping emotional bleeding long enough for professionals to address its underlying causes (no reason to suffer during years of therapy until a problem is identified, after all).  The process turned out to be significantly more potent than anyone expected both for removing pain and in the identification of,  and treatment of, the pain’s cause.

Relyfe Programming is unique in that in addition to making use of the highly effective Ericksonian approach to hypnosis, the successful Relyfe Program creates a running life experience – using techniques such as age regression and memory confabulation – for his or her subject, one which runs in the background like a computer program, keeping them on course until new memories and neural pathways have an opportunity to solidify themselves in the subject’s body and mind.

Relyfe Programming represents a powerful tool for healing, self-knowledge and even love play.

Note: As of November 2020, Relyfe Programs are now available at the Xaxis Books site.