Lose Weight With Relyfe

Losing weight isn’t easy for most people.  Changing a lifetime’s worth of habits while facing today’s new, more sedentary, lifestyle can make achieving weight-loss goals more difficult than it has ever been.

Relyfe Progamming is uniquely suited to changing the way that your mind and body approach both diet and exercise. Using traditional hypnosis and advanced Relyfe reinforcement techniques, a Relyfe programmer will help you alter not just the way that you think and react to food and activity, but will change the way your body and mind remember they have always felt and reacted to diet and exercise.

Simply put, Relyfe programming will replace the bad habits with good ones that you will – at least in the back of your mind – believe were always there, rewiring your habits and cravings, making it easier to keep the new good habits and helping  you eliminate the cravings for good.

When constructing a hypnosis or Relyfe program to address weight loss the hypnotist should consider:

– Eating habits & nutritional needs

– Sleeping habits

– Physical state (including heart conditions)

– Activity levels, both current and desired

– Final weight loss and physical objectives

Changing a lifetime worth of practices takes a little time, and with a self-reinforcing Relyfe Program, that time can be cut from months to weeks or even days.

Visit our upcoming script library for helpful guidance in making your own weight loss  hypnosis scripts and files, or visit our weight loss files on Xaxis Books to download one of our proven file sets.