Gestalt Hypnosis

What is Gestalt Hypnosis & Why Use It?

In most of its audio hypnosis files Relyfe-Online uses the gestalt hypnosis methodology to improve the effectiveness of it’s files.


Merriam-Webster defines “Gestalt” as “something that is made of many parts and yet is somehow more than or different from the combination of its parts”.  In hypnosis this means a merger of methods or techniques, intended to produce a better end product. In the gestalt hypnosis methodology, the hypnotist uses a combination of human and automated voices, confusion, Ericksonian hypnosis and behavioral conditioning, all coupled with subliminal messages, to produce the deepest trances possible for the listening subject.

“Why use automated voices at all?”

Good question, one with a simple answer: At the core of hypnosis is the focus of the listening subject on the words of the hypnotist. In person, an effective hypnotist observes his or her subject, skillfully deepening trances when needed. In making audio files for hypnosis, this cannot be done and because it can’t, people making hypnosis audio files need to be able to induce and maintain the deepest trances possible in their subjects without the benefit of observation.

Gestalt methodology offers the best way to do that. Humans focus harder on automated voices, they pay better attention because focus is necessary with the odd cadence and inflection the A. V. voice provides.

For decades many hypnotists have pitched their voices strangely and added odd inflection for the same reason. Others have spoken with their voice at a barely audible level in order to force the listening subject to focus harder.

In gestalt hypnosis the automated voice, with it’s not quite human pace and tone, serves the same purpose.

Two recent studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the process, establishing that, while on the first session with a gestalt audio file trances are deep but no deeper than a person would normally achieve, the second time through – as the subject adapts to the gestalt process – trances achieved are significantly deeper than when listening to the same file material without the gestalt approach.

Beginning in 2017, the Relyfe editors experiemented – skeptically – with the gestalt process and were pleasantly surprised to achieve the same results as the study groups.

Since that time, the vast majority of Relyfe files made have included the gestalt combination of human and audio voices, as well as subliminals.

“Wait,” you say! “Subliminals?!?” Yes, subliminals. Very simple ones, barely whispers under the conscious level, which only direct the listener to pay attention to what the audible portion of the files are saying. Audio subliminals are not good for complex messages, in any event, but as an attention booster they have proven to be highly effective.

“If this is true, why use a human voice at all?”

Human voices are the norm, and they make people comfortable. Relyfe-Online uses them for initial trance inductions because they are warmer than automated voices. Once the subject is in a first trance, and comfortable with the automated voice, the human ones are fazed out.

Ultimately, the purpose of Relyfe Programming and, and most hypnosis, is to produce change. When subjects cannot be present with the hypnotist the gestalt methodology is the most effective way to achieve the deepest trance, in order to achieve that change.