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We actively encourage hypnotists and Relyfe Programming practitioners to submit material for publication on this site.  Gain exposure and publishing credit for your work, and possibly be featured in works like The Practice of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnosis Review or The Big Book of Erotic Hypnosis, published annually by Blue Deck Press*, whose articles are primarily taken from submissions made through our editors.
Submission Guidelines
Articles should be at least 500 words in length, but less than 15,000 and be on any of the following topics:
  • Hypnosis Training & Education
  • Hypnosis Techniques & Theory
  • Relyfe Programming Training & Techniques
  • Hypnosis & Relyfe Programming History
  • General Hypnosis Anecdotes
  • Legal Matters Related to Hypnosis
  • Erotic Hypnosis
We are in the process of restoring the former archive of 1,600 related articles and hope to have them published here once again by March of 2021.


*Submissions made to this site are unpaid. Submissions accepted for publication in any of the above mentioned works will be compensated in amounts ranging from fifty ($50) dollars up to one thousand ($1,000) depending on a number of factors including which work they are selected for and the prior year’s edition sales volume.  Email: submissions@readxaxis for more information, submission guidelines or to submit your articles.

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