Erotic Hypnosis For You

Take control of your love life!

In addition to the many benefits of Relyfe Programming related to health and wellbeing is the ability to capitalize on the more recreational Erotic Hypnosis.

240_F_41079143_pC35AFIpJpJBGvwAwQ0pKHwawYQg1xShA hypnotist has access to all of a body’s physical responses and perceptions. Responses to pleasure or fear, sensations like being hot or cold, even disgust or arousal are all available on command to even a recreational hypnotist.

Recreational hypnotists can, among other things:

– Create arousal on demand

– Make erogenous areas, such as nipples, or the clitoris, hyper-sensitive

– Induce orgasms on demand

– Deny orgasms for extended periods despite experiencing insane levels of arousal (commonly referred to as “edging”)

– Change the subject into a person who is multi-orgasmic

– Enhance role play and/or age play allowing the subject to experience a change in identity outside of being in a trance becoming Mistress/Master or slave, gender changes, younger or older, as if they were actually that identity, gender, age or person until the play session is over

– Create a posable “sex doll” state where the subject experiences what’s happening to him or her without being able to move or respond beyond assuming the positions hypnotist moves their body into

– Create a “sex robot” state where the subject immediately obeys commands like a robot, doing whatever they are told, and only what they are told to do

– Induce a mental/sensational state as if they had taken the drug ecstasy, with its
enhances sensations and body awareness, induced by a verbal command

All of these options and more are available to the Relyfe Programmer with the added ability of the Programmer to make any desired changes long lasting or permanent. Does your lover want to feel more dynamic? Or more submissive? Do they want to be more comfortable with their sexuality and more active in their love play? Does he or she want to remain aroused longer and become permanently multi-orgasmic? Be able to orgasm through oral or anal sex?

Relyfe Programming makes all of these possible.

Michael Scott’s book, Pillow Talk: A Comprehensive Guide to Erotic Hypnosis and Relyfe Programming teaches the techniques for achieving the temporary effects erotic hypnotists enjoy, shows how to make them permanent, and teaches the methodology needed to create deeper physical and emotional change.

Pillow Talk is a great resource for those who wish to learn and master these seductively powerful techniques.

For those who would prefer to rely on the learning of others, has several prerecorded MP3 audio files which will induce a trance and create your desired effects in your lover. There are several options available and its possible to order a customized file set if you can’t find what you’re looking for by emailing

1 thought on “Erotic Hypnosis For You

  1. Bill

    Want real time Hypnotist to put my wife through the relyfe program. Open her up as she was very wild when young. Needs to open up to BBC.



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